Refer A Friend | Business4all Canadian Company

If you are an individual or a small company sitting on a pile of leads and don't know what to do with it, you can become a Business4all referrer and earn your commission. Absolutely no involvement in sales or project management required. Just pass the lead and when it converts into a sale, get your commission.

You work independently as per your own working hours and convenience. You don't have to quit your day job to do this. In fact, if you have enough referrals, you might afford to quit your full time job.

How it works:

Flexible & rewarding work from home option:

Under the referral program, you don't work for Business4all. In fact, you can send your referrals to any other company if you prefer. There are no set up fees and no paperwork too.


The final decision on pricing will lie with Business4all, depending on the level of difficulty of the project. However, you can suggest a package depending on your assessment of the client and expectations.

Client Ownership:

All the credits for the client and results of the campaign belong to Business4all.


Business4all will be in direct contact with the client and there will be no confidentiality.


You will receive payments based on realized payments by the client.

Pre-sales Support:

Business4all shall carry out the sales process directly with the client. You shall receive a copy of the communication if you prefer.

Business4all Brand Name:

You can use the Business4all brand name, clients and case studies for referral purposes.